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New Studies Indicate that Kids Need More Sleep

NPR (National Public Radio) printed an article highlighting two studies regarding a correlation between sleep deprivation and depression in teens: “The teenage years are a tumultuous time, with about 11 percent developing depression by age 18. Lack of sleep may … Continue reading

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Summer Camp Counselors Can Provide Guidance for Life’s Next Leap

A recent article on Kidshealth.org details how parents can support kids as they transition out of high school and into the next phase of adulthood. But parents aren’t the only ones who can help with this. As the article suggests, … Continue reading

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Summer Camp is an Important Developmental Step for Kids and Parents

In an article from the Washington Post, Michael Thompson, the author of Homesick and Happy: How Time Away from Parents can Help a Child Grow, is interviewed about the effects of early childhood independence. He purports that, if approached properly, … Continue reading

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Find A Community of Parents and Expert Parenting Tips on ParentsConnect.com

ParentsConnect.com is dedicated to creating a space for parents to get the support and community they need in order to build strong healthy relationships with their children. It provides parents with activities, product recommendations, parenting info, daily tips, recipes, baby … Continue reading

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Peer Approval Stimulates the Adolescent Brain

Teens Take More Risks When Pressured By Peers Science Daily reports that teens’ brains are more sensitive to rewarding feedback from peers. The article posits that adolescents are more reckless than younger children, but they do have the knowledge and … Continue reading

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Start Looking for Summer Camps Now

It’s important to start your summer camp search and evaluation process early. Many popular summer camps fill up fast and even start recruiting in September of the previous year. Early planning gives you a head start and relieves the pressure … Continue reading

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Parents Find Support and Community on Parenting.org

Parenting.org Brought to You by BoysTown.org Boys Town runs nationwide programs that serve families in need of care and help them build a brighter future. Boys Town has been working with children and parents for over 90 years. The Boys … Continue reading

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The Perfect Resource for All Things Parenting

Parents.com brought to you by Parents Magazine With over nearly 16 million readers Parenting Magazine and Parents.com helps moms navigate through parenthood and celebrate the joys of being a mom from preconception through pregnancy, and infant through teen. Parents Magazine helps … Continue reading

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